www.baby-music.de carl haebe art and music gallery,art lamp.  green face 1 x 1 meter. oil  more square meter      boot     psycho     lok      wein    akt in gelb,  oil 150 x 100 cm  ,              

         rose face

  1985, carlo haebe,  kaufen buy spend info  sie hoerenCD elephants unten lamp design.inhaltsverz. 2    african  zahlen   2  1 ausschnitt   action   Dancing   devil   feuer  steffi graf   lamps    my god   comback 3    anfang index old

rock hudson  movie lamp. if you want  you can have it in blue.  or softer. here one full red orange yellow design. by carlo haebe.

   hollywood   roompeople   0046  

wandleuchte oder runde stehlampe, standing or round.  if you order some lamp , buy 2, you could also have some soft, pencil sketch. bleistift zeichnung. neutralisiert den warmen lichteffect. der lampe. oder passend das original aquarell dazu.?  original watercolour?

                   30x40cm gral  feuer    

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