sie hoeren einen  50 sekunden ausschnitt aus der cd: funny thing  .den titel 11 :  here we are  

text  and  music production vocals and instruments by carlo haebe   

    . listen to.   song 12 : talking

song 7: funny thing   song 5: you worldwide   song 16: 1 o´clock    song 6:  are you happy  song 15 : gogo

song 4 :urlaub   song  2: wirtschaftswunder   song 3: far clear    song 18: hoer auf    song 9 : solarworld     song 10: nackt   song 8 : career     song 13 : drums and voices

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art portrait  norah jones the queen of very good relaxed pop ,by carlo haebe   

 norah new                vu34 art                                                                                       40x50 cm, the nose of lisa minelli and judy garland.great actor of heart art.

vuvuzela 10 art of lisa minelli  vu11

srew it good     germany die museumsnacht   kultur-kunstsommer wiesbaden -art gallery pavadee and carlo haebe 

vu13   vu 14  banita k.c.vu2 

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