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sie hoeren    same old feeling- 

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taormina   papageno       birds             the blue of her eyes. aquarell of cameron diaz .midnight high speed  water colour  36  patricia kaas  ,european song contest 2009. the2 best are  johanna from iceland. and norwegian wood fiddler

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aquarell,das erste,  papageno +papagena. friend. salzburg theater show.

win 6     papageno    miriam leibe

 water colour.carlo haebe. bridge over troubled simon and garfunkel. 

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heart of gold

good for dixie chicks or neil young 50 x 70 cm   . blau- rot - gruen - braun - black- violett- gold ocker -orange , .linolschnitt.   fish    nofish    es1    es 2    es5    es3    esel 6   es12    pavadee and carlo haebe  art and music galaxy - kunst  elephants   promotion   delphine   abstractes m   boot   schokolade   schmuck   fantasy      mama movie      motogold

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